Watches 101

It doesn't matter if you're a watch novice or an expert - we have information for you. From a glossary of watch terms to how to care for your mechanical watch, we've got it all!

How Does a Quartz Watch Work?                                                                   

Quartz watches are more accurate timekeepers, require less maintenance,… More

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8 Common Mistakes Made by New Watch Collectors                                                                                                        

After being in the watch community for so long, I can tell you that I've… More

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How to Buy Pre-Owned Watches                                                                 

There's no denying that watch collecting is expensive. However, there are… More

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Do I Need a Watch Winder?                                                           

Do you need a watch winder? Watch windershelp keep yourtimepieces accurate… More

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Quartz vs Mechanical Watches                                                                 

If youre new to the world of watches, then you may be unfamiliar with the… More

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How a Mechanical Watch Works                                                                 

The average timepiece is 40 to 42mm wide and 10 to 12mm thick, yet it… More

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What Does It Mean to be Swiss Made?                                                                               

Although your watch may be Swiss made, that does not mean that it is 100… More

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A Beginner's Guide to Luxury Watches                                                                                 

Starting a watch collection can be daunting, especially if you don't know… More

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