Watches 101

It doesn't matter if you're a watch novice or an expert - we have information for you. From a glossary of watch terms to how to care for your mechanical watch, we've got it all!

Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?                                                                               

To understand why Rolex watches are so expensive, you must first… More

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Which Luxury Watch Brands Retain Their Value?                                                                                                   

Many people who are new to the watch world question which luxury watch… More

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What is Watch Patina?                                                   

Vintage watches are becoming increasingly popular with collectors who love… More

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What is the Dead-Beat Seconds Complication?                                                                                               

If you look at a watch with a dead-beat seconds complication, you would… More

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What is the Best Watch Size for Your Wrist                                                                                             

In a perfect world, you'd try on a variety of watches to test which one… More

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What is a Quartz Watch                                                     

The three primary types of quartz watches are battery, solar, and kinetic.… More

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What Does It Mean to be Swiss Made?                                                                               

Although your watch may be Swiss made, that does not mean that it is 100… More

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Watches 101: Your First Professional Watch                                                                                             

Investing in your first professional watch is something that every man… More

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Watches 101: The 12 Most Popular Watch Hands                                                                                                 

Have you noticed the unique styles and designs of watch hands? Would you… More

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Watches 101: The 10 Most Popular Watch Case Shapes

You probably know what a round, square, or rectangular watch case looks… More

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Watch Glossary: The Beginner's Guide to Watch…

This watch glossary is your go-to guide for learning about watch terms and… More

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Watch Case Materials: The Go-To Guide for Buying…

When looking to buy a watch, there are many decisions you'll have to make.… More

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Understanding Watch Water Resistance                                                                                 

Although your watch may say its water resistant up to 30 meters, that does… More

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The Six Simple Steps to Buying a Watch                                                                                     

We can all agree that choosing a watch to fit your style and budget is… More

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The Difference Between Rose Gold, Red Gold, and…

Ever wonder what the difference is between rose gold, pink gold, and red… More

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