23 Independent Watchmakers You Need to Know                                                                                               

Looking for a unique watch? We've gathered the top 23 independent watch… More

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Presidential Watches: Donald Trump's Watch…

Ever wonder, "what watch does Donald Trump wear?" Well we can tell you!… More

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How Does a Mystery Watch Work?                                                                     

You've probably seen mystery watches on one watch blog or another, but do… More

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15 of the Best Wedding Watches for Grooms: A…

Giving your soon-to-be husband an engagement gift has become a trend in… More

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15 of the Best Dive Watches: A Watch for Every…

Dive watches are incredibly popular because you can trust that they won't… More

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Presidential Watches: Barack Obama's Watch…

After eight years of leading this country, Obama has secured a place in… More

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Pros and Cons of Deployant Clasps and Ardillon…

If youre purchasing a watch with a leather strap, then you may be asked to… More

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15 Best Affordable Watch Brands                                                                       

Whether you are looking for your first professional watch or the next… More

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The Top 10 American Watch Brands                                                                         

When thinking of luxury watches, you may think of Swiss-made watches. But… More

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What is the Best Watch Size for Your Wrist                                                                                             

In a perfect world, you'd try on a variety of watches to test which one… More

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Watches 101: The 10 Most Popular Watch Case Shapes

You probably know what a round, square, or rectangular watch case looks… More

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The Difference Between Rose Gold, Red Gold, and…

Ever wonder what the difference is between rose gold, pink gold, and red… More

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Watch Case Materials: The Go-To Guide for Buying…

When looking to buy a watch, there are many decisions you'll have to make.… More

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The Evolution of James Bond's Watch                                                                               

To celebrate the extensive history of James bond, we're going movie by… More

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Pros and Cons of Watch Bracelets and Straps                                                                                               

In the market for a new watch but cant determine what kind of strap or… More

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